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Think People approaches recruitment challenges through holistic solutions for all your hiring needs. This process ensures favorable outcomes, thereby ensuring an excellent recruitment experience.



We help companies find professionals that possess a similar ambition and growth strategy through precise candidate-mapping.

Process Management

Process Management

After carefully understanding the company’s needs, we develop and execute the recruitment process that connects candidates with their ideal firm.

Dedicated candidate management

Candidate Management

With a track record of 83% onboard ratio, ethics stand above all else. This includes a follow-up with the candidates about their future and how they plan to move forward.

Relationship management

Relationship Management

Beyond our passion for recruiting, we believe in maintaining a valuable relationship with candidates and companies that strengthen our network.

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Case Study

Diversity Hiring

Fill 65 AVP/VP positions to be filled in 42 days for a Pune-based GIC firm.

Special Needs:
With a vendor utilization of 15% and budgetary restrictions, the company needed robust solutions to increase gender-based diversity at leadership positions by 40% efficiently.

Process and Outcome:
Fill 65 AVP/VP positions to be filled in 42 days for a Pune-based GIC firm.

- The job listings went live on 4th October 2019.
- The first drive was conducted on 12th October, seeing the participation of 122 candidates, out of which 24 were selected.
- The second drive was conducted on 26th October for candidates traveling from other locations, and it saw a participation of 97 candidates out of which 29 were short-listed.


- TPS successfully hired 49 female candidates in 36 days. Gender diversity saw a boost of 36% at AVP/VP levels. All of this was achieved by keeping costs at the minimum.
- Charging a flat fee for all candidates, and upon selection, helped them relocate at their own cost.

Predictive Sourcing

A Pune-based GIC, was looking to hire from a diverse pool of candidates for leadership roles.

Special Request:
A dire need for an active pool of ideal candidates while also ensuring that candidates come from diverse backgrounds

Process and Outcome:

- The F&A practice of the company was mapped against 29 leadership roles.
- Consecutively, candidate mapping was performed to take into account history, past work experience, and job roles.
- A preliminary screening was done that results in the creation of an exclusive pool of 547 female candidates under 3 weeks.


- TPS helped with a diverse set of candidates within 24 hours.
- There have been 6 instances where such demands have occurred between January and June 2020.
- This has also resulted in closing 7 AVP and 4 VP roles by the TPS team.

Out-Location Hiring

- Think People has been recruiting for several tech-based companies. A Pune-based investment banking GIC wanted to focus on diversity and hiring from domains other than Java.
- The client seeked market intel and prospective candidates from various locations since they had been hiring from the same pool of applicants for many years

Process and Outcome:

- Throughout November 2019, TPS carried out a number of tasks to meet the above requirements.
- Market insights were developed based on the client’s needs.
- A full report consisting of details regarding target cities, target companies, pool availability with experience and salaries were presented.
- On day 22, 3 out-location drives were conducted for the company in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Indore, out of which 77 candidates were short-listed.
- On day 33, 52 candidates were offered the job.


The client hired 36 candidates within 60 days and a total of 44 candidates in 75 days.


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