Why we think Buddha would have been the best recruiter ever!

Why we think Buddha would have been the best recruiter ever!

Over the last few years, I have been looking at life a little differently! Maybe it’s the age or men get wiser after marriage. Interestingly, maybe it’s the knowledge. Anyways the truth has been told, it has been working for me!

Having spent around 14 months away from the recruiting business BUT being involved in the Recruiting industry gave me a perspective on recruiting that unfortunately eluded me all these years. I at times feel I have reached my “Zen” moment in Recruiting. Talking of Zen, let’s talk about Recruiters! I personally feel that Gautam Buddha would have made a great recruiter in today’s age!

You must be thinking that I am kidding? Read on below to look at it from my perspective as to why!

Gautam Buddha spoke about the Four Noble Truths.
  • 1) Suffering is common to all.
  • 2) We are the cause of our suffering.
  • 3) Stop doing what causes suffering.
  • 4) Everyone can be enlightened.

Now let’s look at these truths from the recruiter’s perspective!

  1. – Suffering is common to all: All recruiters have ‘No Shows’, Recruiters across the globe have candidates who have ‘Reneged’ on their promises.
  2. – We are the cause of suffering: Recruiters are to blame the way they have treated candidates. A recent survey showed that over 76% of Indian recruiters spend an average of ONLY 6 minutes on an initial candidate screening call. Try evaluating a life partner in 6 minutes!
  3. – Stop doing what causes suffering: Recruiters need to stop sourcing/validating and need to start evaluating candidates! Recruiters need to stop working on all job orders and work on job orders that they feel they will be able to close on.
  4. – Everyone can be enlightened: Yes! Recruiters too can be enlightened! Once recruiters walk to path of righteousness they too can be enlightened.